Messy-Ness sessions can be held at schools, nurseries, play-groups and private parties as well as our fabulous public play and learn sessions.

Messy-Ness is a local family business organised by mum Cathy, dad Alex and our 4 years old, main ideas contributor Leonardo.

Cathy first started working with children in 1996 when she became a Guider for a Brownies pack. She has studied child development and behaviour as well as working for a variety of children's play and sports based activities - but being a stay at home mum was where most of the experience came from!

Alex is a personal trainer specialising in pre-and post-natal fitness and has developed his interest in children's expressive arts and crafts since becoming a dad.

Leonardo is the ideas man - a natural who is always ready to dive in and try new experiments with his faithful penguin Goi-Goi.

We have police disclosure certificates and liability insurance.